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  • We are removing viruses!!

Web application

Our engineers can create web based applications using Java, PHP or Ruby . We are using the modern style of programming, our software is always ready to run.


Our specialists is the high class specialists who can design any database or data warehouse, develop and manage. Also we can provide data analysis for business customer. 

Software development

At the moment we are specialise to create software for Windows, Apple and Java.

Other Services

Upgrade and tuning

Our specialists can speed your computer up tuning your system for better performance or upgrade you computer and system and reach better performance as you never expect.(including any PC, MAC, any operating system : Windows, OSX, Linux, Unix)

Data Recovery

Our specialists can recover data from any hard drive or device (including any PC, MAC, tablet and mobile.

Clean device

Our specialists can remove any type of viruses, malware software from your device (including any PC, MAC, tablet and mobile.