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Data recovery


Mighty IT technicians are qualified professionals serving home users and businesses affected by data loss. We recover lost, deleted and inaccessible data from ALL types of failed and faulty hard drives, RAID and NAS systems. We recover contacts, pictures, videos as well as app data from faulty and damaged mobile phones and tablets.


The data which we have stored on our personal devices has become integral to our everyday lives and, when this data is lost, the effect is profound.

When hard drive failure has resulted in you losing information which is vital to your business, is time-sensitive or has great sentimental value, we understand just how vital it is that you recover it! That is why we are dedicated to ensuring not only that your data is recovered quickly, but that you experience great customer service.

Data recovery process

Upon receiving a customer’s hard drive, Mighty IT follows the steps below in order to achieve a successful data recovery outcome:

  1. Analysis: The hard drive is analysed in order to determine the fault/s. An accurate diagnosis is key to an efficient and successful recovery.

  2. Quote: Once analysed, Mighty IT determines whether data recovery is likely to be successful and a quote is sent to the customer.

  3. Restoration: Upon agreement of the quote, the restoration process begins. Returning the hard drive to a functional state is required in order to recover the data. If parts are needed for hard drive repair they are sourced (locally or internationally) and used to perform the recovery process.

  4. Confirmation and recovery: After the hard drive is restored to a functional state the customer is sent a list of files and folders that are recoverable. If this list is to the customer’s satisfaction, payment is made and the data recovery process is completed. Recovered data is copied to DVD or another hard drive/media, depending on the amount of data and the customer’s preference.