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Repair, Tuning, Upgrade


Mighty IT specialists are able to repair any electronic devices like computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Our specialists can repair hardware issues, as well as any operating system currently available on the market: Windows, Windows Server, Apple OSX, Linux (all versions), Chrome OS, Android, IOS and Unix (all versions). 

Every repair starts by diagnosing the problems and failures and then presenting the customer with the options for repair and costs involved. The customer can then choose which option they would like to take with a clear idea regarding costs. 

 Repairs will be carried out as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. For repairs involving data recovery please see the following link: .... 


In some cases, upgrading your computer or laptop is important to be able to complete your work satisfactorily. Our specialists can help you choose the best route according to your budget. Typical reasons for upgrading are computer speeds, which are often a result of installed programmes slowing down operating systems (especially application to windows).  In this instance the first step would be tuning (see below) the operating system following which the customer can decide if they would like to continue with further upgrade options.  

Hardware upgrades are more complicated and depend on the pre-existing devices installed on the computer.  Typically the fasted way to speed up your computer is by installing and SSD drive.    



Sometimes your computer may need tuning to remove unused programs, viruses or to correct configuration which can vastly improve speeds.   We have a variety of tools and programmes at our disposal which can often  improve running speeds and boot up times.